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One day hikes or engagement hikes

Syndicat National des Accompagnateurs en Montagne            with a qualified guide. Discovery hikes of faun, flora and fabulous places of interest in the massifs des Grandes Rousses and des Écrins. Collective hikes (Group of 10 maximum), engagement hikes, for a day or more. Most popular hikes :


Stages of the G.R. 54

Refuge Pilatte (2577 m)

Refuge Temple Ecrins (2410 m)

Refuge Lavey (1797 m)

Refuge Rif Tort (2240 m)...

Lake Lauvitel (1546 m)

Lake Quirlies (2566 m)

The Pic du Mas de la Grave (3020 m)

Lake Rouies (2722 m)

Lake Lérié (2456 m)...

The Meije and the Rateau from the plateau of Besse Lake fourchu in the Taillefer massif
Observing the faun, in the early hours, in the Ecrins National Parc      Chamois on it's guard     Lady marmot in the Ecrins National Parc

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